Colleges and universities in the New England area were recently spammed by conservative groups, who blamed the appearance of sex educators on campus for HIV infections rates... absolutely absurd.

“In yet another attempt to shut down access to quality sex education, South-Eastern New England conservative advocates hit the sex panic button in a multi-state, email and phone campaign to colleges all over New England last week.” -read full article here
I don’t understand this mentality, which suggests that not talking about reality is the best way to solve a problem.  Or that sex is so dirty that it should only be used for procreation and not recreation, and that anyone who does so gets what they deserve. It’s never spelled out so bluntly, but make no mistake that this is the message behind the concerted effort to shut down any discussion of how people can engage in risk-free sexual contact by being aware of the importance of testing and proper condom usage.

Human sexuality comes naturally, yet the ability to discuss sexual matters does not.  I believe that the suppression of potentially life-saving information- or at least info that can make peoples life’s less difficult- is subhuman. These “people” should be ashamed of themselves, for their actions are far more vulgar than any of the sexual acts that give them nightmares and boners.

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