poz-x-ribbon.jpgThe current issue of Poz has a compelling cover- a red ribbon with a big black “X” through it.  The cover story is written by Regan Hofmann, who astutely observes: “Having 27.3 million people with HIV globally (about 1 million of them in America) remain untreated with existing drugs that can save their lives and prevent AIDS from spreading is a humanitarian crime of epic proportion. It’s also no way to stop the AIDS pandemic.”

Amen to that.

I recently posted the following on Facebook, which garnered some inspired Likes from my Facebook friends: "I am becoming increasingly convinced that I will be cured of HIV someday... perhaps in 20 years or so. It would be nice to bid farewell to my pet virus in my 50’s. I believe in science." Yes, I just quoted myself.  I’m used to HIV in my life- but I am more than happy to see it go.  And I view every prevention of HIV through education as a cure.  I wish I could touch people on the forehead, say a few kind words, and cure them of HIV.  But I do the next best thing- I’m open about my experiences with HIV and I give people free condoms whenever I can.

Science will undoubtedly topple this virus. In the meantime, us humans have to band together to make life easier for those who are already living with HIV while we offer our own “cures” to those who are at risk of transmitting the virus. 

Positively Yours,