sdlive2012.jpgphoto by Andy Deane

So the CD release shows in Charlottesville and DC couldn’t have gone better- had a really great turnout in my hometown. Having Josh in from Los Angeles (along with his lovely partner, Jenny, both of whom I’ve known and loved since high school) to do the shows and hang out for a week was wonderful.  So much of this album was about celebrating survival, and I had the honor of celebrating with a lot of friendly faces last week.  In the tradition of incorporating my music with my HIV education mission, Gwenn gave out ONE Condoms at both shows. (Thanks again to ONE Condoms for supplying us with free condoms!)

The trip started on the heels of some epic storms in the area. Thankfully Gwenn and I were not one of the thousands upon thousands who lost power in Virginia. But a trigger effect of the storms caused Josh and Jenny’s flight from DC to Charlottesville forced the cancellation of their 11 pm arrival into C’ville. Gwenn and I sprung into action and drove to DC to pick them up. It was kind of fun, hopping in the car in our pajamas and riding to the rescue.  Plus, we had a music video shoot scheduled for Monday... but ultimately, I wasn’t going to let travel hell delay our reunion with Josh and Jenny.

Video shoot?

Yes, our good friends and neighbors Jeremi and Nicole offered up their kitchen for the shoot. We hung white sheets on the walls and had access to decent lighting, which is key.  We came up with some ideas and just had fun with the whole shoot, which took about 6 hours.  We couldn’t resist striking a pose in the cool lighting, and Jenny got this shot of us, which looks like Josh and I are Earth’s only hope against an alien invasion...

After that Josh and I spent the next couple of days rehearsing our set. The shows went over very well, but I was feeling the effects of the week after they were done, too much jumping around on my bum ankle, combined with some sort of pulled muscle in my back. How could I not jump around in these socks?
As stated, the week was about celebrating survival of HIV.  Hemophilia just reminded me at the end of the festivities that it has been around a lot longer in my body than HIV.  A week later, and I’m feeling great- it’s hard to believe the whole thing came and went.
cdreleasebands.jpgHuge thanks to all the musicians that shared the stage with Synthetic Division last week- Lenorable (pictured on left), Tony Lechmanski and Lauren Hoffman (middle), Miyazaki (not pictured here since this photo was from C’ville show)... big thanks to the Black Market Moto Saloon and the Velvet Lounge for hosting the shows.  And also a big nod to my childhood friend, Patrick Critzer (DJ Hamdinger), who DJ’d the C’ville show.  He played some Bangles- few people know that they were my first ever favorite band.  My ankle was taxed after the set when he spun some dance-worthy hits from Journey, plus a little “Eye of the Tiger” and the Bee Gees....
cdartbarton.jpgEven though we only played two shows, I called this a Summer Tour, as did Lenorable who played both shows with us and received a fantastic response in Charlottesville.  It was an awesome, unforgettable week.  I often say that music was my anti-HIV medications before anti-HIV medications were even invented. And I will continue to utilize the power of music in maintaining my health.

Positively Yours,