Sharon Paul did it- no one else was even close! She guessed 520, and the actual t-cell count came in at 508. Seems a bit low, but the t-cell % came in at 30, up one from four months ago when I last had labs.  My viral load was detectable at 150-something.

All very acceptable numbers.

Now, I guessed 619, but I had a feeling I was dipping into the 500’s on this go-around.  There are a few reasons why.  I’d spent a week sick before going to Anguilla.  Then in Anguilla I really didn’t get too much rest, was operating on way less sleep than usual.  On top of that, I was on a week off meds when I went to Anguilla, and actually extended the week of to about 9 days, because the first night I got home I was exhausted and crashed out, and the next night I wasn’t hungry at bed time, and my stomach was upset so I didn’t want to take my pills because you have to take food with them. (And I was still catching up on sleep so I didn’t want to disturb that.)

It’s funny, if my t-cell count came in at 499 I’d beat myself up a little more for my decision-making. But those graceful 8 t-cells kept me in the 500’s.  And before this particular contest, I even moved the goal posts for guessing from 400-700 to 450-750. Looks like they are going back to the original markers.

Thanks to everyone who guessed!  I really love that so many of you guys participate.  I enjoy the smacktalk and rationale and the high of hopes of people thinking they will be the champion of my t-cells.  This all makes the once-feared labtests of my youth as fun as they toys my mom bought me after labs to make up for the terrible waste of an afternoon.

Positively Yours,

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