Check out Synthetic Division, Inertia and Bella Morte on Monday night (August 29) at The Delancey in the East Village in NYC.  7:30 pm doors, we start the show at 8 pm sharp. No cover, 21+!

We picked a fine time to tour the northeast coast, didn’t we?

This week has been kind of crazy, keeping tabs on the storm and keeping safety first and foremost in mind. I gave Andy of Bella Morte a ration of shit for naming their new album Before the Flood. I think he’s to blame for the bad weather. He names the album Sunshine and Goldfish and we’d have a whole different situation on our hands...

One of the convenient aspects of this tour was that Josh and I were planning on staying with his family for four nights, since the first three shows were so close together.  But after Cambridge, MA was postponed, we headed out of the area a bit earlier than expected to avoid Irene’s wraith. Josh and his father did get to enjoy a couple of days together, which is always an added bonus of these Synthetic Division jaunts.  As we were there, his dad was so inspired by all the iReporting that was going on with Hurricane Irene that he whipped out his camera and shot this footage of Josh and I returning to his home with water.

I’m beyond thrilled that the hurricane became a tropical storm and that the damage wasn’t the worst case scenario that was being projected.  I’m a prevention guy, so I really don’t mind being warned and thus easily avoiding otherwise disastrous consequences.  That’s why I was ready to get out of dodge completely if need be. Last night after the second show in Manchester, NH, Josh and I started making our way closer to NYC (avoiding I-95 and taking a more inland route), but were unable to make it to our friend’s house 4 hours away and had to seek shelter in Connecticut due to heavy rain and wind.

Until the storm landed in NYC earlier, that show seemed to be hanging in the balance. Earlier today, we woke up to find out that it’s still on, which is cool as it will be nice to see a lot of my friends who live the area. After that we return home to C’ville home for a day or so before the Charlotte show on Wednesday night.  The shows have been going really well, despite low turnouts due to concerns over the weather.

Better safe than sorry.

One of the coolest things about being on this tour is hanging out with my friends in Bella Morte, goofing around with Josh and discovering a new band (new to me at least!) in Inertia. They traveled all the way from London to be a part of this tour, and are not only a great band but a great group of people.  It’s been fun chatting about music, movies (seeing Human Centipede is now at the top of my priority list) and overcoming some of the obstacles this tour has put in all of our paths. It’s been a true bonding experience.

Positively Yours,

bella-synthetic-division-2011.jpgFlower children- Bella Morte and Synthetic Division in Providence, RI at Remi’s.

inertia-shawn-2011.jpg Me with Inertia, minus guitarist Gabe, who was busy sniffing the flowers.