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Oprah on the Ugliness of AIDS Hysteria, 1987 and Today

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for all you people who don't disclose your positive status to sexual partners. You are ALWAYS in the wrong. My friend 6 months ago, had a boyfriend and did not sleep with him, only had unprotected oral sex with him and (did not let him ejaculate in her mouth) apparently his precum made its way into her gums or something, and she is now tested as positive. She is only 16 years old. Why not wear a condom for oral sex? because most of the research says that hiv through oral is "non-existant" the government just wants more money in its budget from the ridiculously overprices cocktails and medicine for hiv and aids. PLEASE DISCLOSE your status or HIV and AIDS WILL LIVE ON FOREVER, and you will be harming innocent people.

October 1, 2010


Anonymously, I loved reading your post and when you said there is no such thing as safe sex, You hit it on the nail, that is the biggest oxymoron out there in my opinion. I believe if American people especially would get of the sex bandwagon then people wouldn't get infected though sex. My grandmother had contracted Hepatitis C virus from a blood transfusion in the 80's from a surgery. This can happen to anyone. Take care of yourself and may the big honcho in the sky protect you and keep you safe.

September 30, 2010


Really interesting topic. I'm a straight, white guy and very secretive about my status. What bothers me is to be in a crowd of people and listen to the callous jokes about AIDS or gay people (of whom I have quite a few friends)and to not be able to defend those of us with the virus. I am just not brave enough to lay in to someone like that, or even take them a side privately and try to educate them. Obviously, we are an easy target and with the cuts in programs/support a "throw away" part of society. The comments about the stigma and discrimination on the gay community did surpise me though. Do you believe this is generational also?

September 30, 2010


here in Fayetteville, NC they d require you to sign a disclosure form and in it it says that you must disclose and if you dont the penalties that will apply. First isolation orders then criminal charges.

September 29, 2010


I disagree that the stigma about HIV/AIDS has somehow been minimized by education. I am a healthcare professional working with many other professionals and believe me they are the among the worst offenders of perpetuating the stigma associated with HIV; one would think that they would know better but they don't behave as if they do. This disease will never be de-stigmatized because of the possibility of sexual transmission and the high number of gay-identified people that have the disease; it is associated with shame!. It is this very issue that makes people not want to be tested because of the stigmatization associated with HIV and further is supported by the idea of criminalization of non- disclosure of HIV.

September 29, 2010


I know what you mean being from a small pissant town in the South... I'm moving to portalnd Or in a couple days... But I cant count how many times I have had to tell people...: It's safe to keep that cup I drank out of. I know I just spit on your grass...Your kids arnt going to get it. lmao! It use to piss me off and hurt me that people were/are this ignorant. All I can do is try and explain the facts dispell the myths! hugs!

September 29, 2010


Sean, I spent that Oprah show crying at the memories it brought back to me. I grew up in a very small all white pissant redneck town in the south. The sad thing is that I was not only harrassed at school daily, I got it from the place I thought to be my safe haven. I tried many times to end my life, but luckily screwed up each time. The scars are still with me, but I do not ley them run my life, so again Thank you! Love Tony

September 25, 2010

Unfortunately Anonymous

It is amazing to me that the HIV- population expects me (part of the HIV+ population) to disclose my status in even casual sex settings! They expect ME to divulge my biggest secret so that they can protect themselves. They depend on this more than using condoms themselves! Because of the stigma, I absolutely cannot! I refuse to give up my privacy....because other don't value it in the least! How unfortunate this is!

September 22, 2010


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