Here’s a tweet that has a little more impact than my Super Bowl Blacked Eyed Peas swipe from yesterday:
FACT: The rate of HIV diagnosis among black men is eight times that of whites, and the rate for black women is 19 times that of whites.

There are many fighting the good fight to stem the tide against HIV in the black community.  One of the obstacles in the epidemic for all communities has been the way that HIV is stigmatized in the church. Click here to watch author, pastor and HIV activist Terry Angel Mason explain why, and also learn what churches can do to get beyond this deadly hurdle.

Here’s a hopeful yet realistic blog post by Dr. Kevin Fenton, who explains:
"Black communities are more mobilized than ever against HIV. Nearly 500 organizations are sponsoring or have sponsored National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day events External Web Site the United States as well as in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. African American leaders from every walk of life - business, civil rights, entertainment, government and media - are speaking out and taking action at events across the nation, from health fairs and workshops to candlelight vigils and HIV testing events.'
Oriol Gutierrez of Poz just posted a great blog about an article regarding HIV and how it spreads through the South.  In it, he introduces us to Juanita Davis, AKA, “The AIDS Candy Lady”.  Check out the video below to see how she earned the name, and the ways she gets around not being able to talk about penises and vaginas in her attempts to raise awareness about HIV prevention.

You’ll never see the candy isle in the same light again!

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