By Ryan Westbrook (Online Advertising Manager, Smart + Strong)

The craze and “fan-demonium” of the iPhone versus Android argument has finally consumed us here at the Smart + Strong offices (Parent of,,, etc...). The figurative divide in the sand is just as clear as a bright white line down the middle of the office!

Mobile POZAbout a month ago, I found myself in a very analytical debate with one of my co-workers on which phone I should purchase after I involuntarily relieved myself of my BlackBerry at a Macy’s (o.k. I flat out lost the thing). I needed something that would make my life easier, allow me to customize and select the tools I found especially useful to my lifestyle, and was uber cool-looking. He contended Android phones are the evolution, and I was unwitting and on the fence. At any rate, it was clear that it was time to enter the age of the smartphone, and for me iPhone is the granddaddy of ’em all. Case closed.

I got my new iPhone and I’m more than happy. I’m just an Apple guy when it comes down to it. The best part is my new arrival has coincided with the launch of our new smartphone-compatible mobile sites, and to erase the line and water-cooler warfare debates, they both work on iPhone and Android.

The design is super clean for a mobile site and very easy to use and navigate. They provide links to our Twitter accounts, web exclusives, top stories and treatment news. In my opinion, the greatest value is the newsfeed. It loads as the homepage of each site and has a nice list format to keep up on the latest. Essentially it’s POZ / AIDSmeds / Real Health in your pocket. No fuss.

Now if we could only agree on which television show is better, True Blood or Glee.

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