Trump has tested positive for the virus that he has privately called the plague and publicly called a hoax. And a lot of folks are positively delighted.

You’ll have to forgive them. This is the same guy that mocked Hillary Clinton when she got sick during the 2016 campaign. Trump did his stupid little impersonation of her stumbling to the delight of his frothed-mouth following. He also mocked a disabled reporter who had written something disparaging- went full Medal of Freedom Recipient Rush-Limbaugh-Doing-Michael-J-Fox on the guy. The crowd he was performing this for ate it up.

Those same crowds, over the last couple of months, have likely been eating up some coronavirus as well. Herman Cain, a prominent Republican, died from COVID-19 after attending Trump’s first epidemic rally in Oklahoma.

Today, it’s been reported that Donald Trump is experiencing mild symptoms. If sympathy is in short supply, don’t blame the people who are getting their tap-dancing shoes fitted and working on their own less-than-flattering Trump routines: blame the man himself. The most powerful human being on the planet. The man who has made Reagan’s non-reaction to American deaths due to HIV in the 1980s look like a saint in comparison.

Positively Yours,