Well, Valentine’s Day is upon us... and whether you light a candle for the Saint, open a box of chocolates (may you get Knipschildt or Godiva), or buy a couple of king size Hershey bars to drown your sorrows (because you just can’t find a date!) I want to share with you a poem that I feel embraces everyone and makes us think of a love larger and stronger than a Hallmark card or e-Valentine:


Our lives are in concert with others; compatibly at times,
Not so well other times, but invariably, with others.
We don’t always acknowledge that togetherness, but moved to,
we quickly sense the comforts of a shared symphony.

People belong to sections of the orchestra;
Each master of their instrument;
Yet the concert belongs to more than just out “section” - 
Our neighborhoods, families, circle of friends...or us.

The symphony is greater; the harmonies, complex,
With a conductor who vigilantly keeps tempo.
This concert encourages us to appreciate
The music we make with others.

The whole of creation depends on
The contribution of each part for its completion.
Interdependently, never singly and alone,
We are one with one another  -
The concert is

And Love is eternal.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The poem, “World Concert” is in my debut book of poetry: Writes of Passage