Tomorrow is the election- vote. It’s kind of a big deal.

If you are undecided, never mind what I just wrote. If you don’t know by now you won’t figure it out, and it’s not something you can re-do the next day if you feel like you got it wrong. My advice is to sit this one out, and hope there are two candidates that are a bit more distinguishable from one another the next time around.

Plus, it’s not fair to someone who has been jazzed about McCain or Obama for months now.

If you have HIV, you should know that Obama is already focusing on thedomestic AIDS issue, and supports the funding of the Ryan White CARE Act.

I live in a state that could go either way- Virginia, which means there’s been some nasty business here. Reverend Wright commercials are playing around the clock, and some have even distributed flyers informing prospective Democrats to vote on Wednesday to avoid the rush... (Republicans, of course, are advised to vote on Tuesday.) There have also been reports of robo-calling in Florida, incredibly up for grabs as well, telling people they can vote by phone.

A lot of polls seem to be indicating that it will be Obama who prevails on Tuesday. But me? I’m still not convinced. Truth be told, I’m scared. So scared, in fact, I am refusing to take off my make-up from my Halloween costume, Frankenstein’s monster, until this whole thing is over.

Positively Yours,




(Translation: “I am Joe the Plumber.”)