Day With(out) Art 2021: ENDURING CARE

For Day With(out) Art 2021, Visual AIDS presents ENDURING CARE, a video program highlighting strategies of community care within the ongoing HIV epidemic. The program features newly commissioned work by Katherine Cheairs, Cristóbal Guerra, Danny Kilbride, Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad and Uriah Bussey, Beto Pérez, Steed Taylor, and J Triangular and the Women’s Video Support Project.

From histories of harm reduction and prison activism to the long-term effects of HIV medication, ENDURING CARE centers stories of collective care, mutual aid, and solidarity while pointing to the negligence of governments and non-profits. The program’s title suggests a dual meaning, honoring the perseverance and commitment of care workers yet also addressing the potential for harm from medications and healthcare providers. ENDURING CARE disrupts the assumption that an epidemic can be solved with pharmaceuticals alone, recasting community work as a lasting form of medicine.

See below for information on screenings of ENDURING CARE around the world, both online and in-person.

Visual AIDS Marquee Screenings

★ Wednesday, December 1, 6pm: New York City Premiere at the Brooklyn Museum, presented in partnership with The Studio Museum in Harlem

Screening event followed by a conversation with artists Katherine Cheairs, Cristóbal Guerra, Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad and Uriah Bussey, Beto Pérez, and Steed Taylor. (RSVP)

★ Saturday, December 4, 7pm EST: MOCA LA Screening and Virtual Conversation

Screening event followed by a virtual conversation with artists Danny Kilbride, J Triangular, and Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad, moderated by the filmmaker and writer Marguerite Van Cook.

Click here for full listing.

December 01, 2021
Multiple Locations,
Multiple Venues





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