Description: To create connection, hope and access to services for people using substances, contemplating change or in some stage of recovery. The Peer Support program spans all programs of Open Aid Alliance, including harm reduction program, housing and outpatient addiction treatment. This position is open to people with personal lived experience that may include; homelessness, incarceration, HIV, injection drug use, substance use, non-normative forms of sexuality, trauma, and/or people living with a mental health condition.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Team player attitude
Willing to participate in a team care environment here all providers communicate progress and regularly update each other on progress. Must be willing to work in a cooperative model to achieve common goals of the agency and participants
• Strong interpersonal skills
Candidate must have the ability to work in a collaborative office setting with a team-based approach. Able to connect one on one and in group settings. Must be willing to receive constructive feedback and engage in a learning environment while on the job.
• Self-awareness
Willingness and ability to be aware of personal and professional boundaries at all times. Able to work and engage in coping skills when personal triggers arise.
• Professional Boundaries
Ability to maintain confidentiality of all agency and client information per agency and HIPAA requirements; abilty to recognize the clinical and professional field of Peer Support to make it integrated into outpatient treatment; Ability to recognize and respond to ethical dilemmas that will emerge and to make thoughtful and careful decisions and ask for help as needed.
• Communication skills
Must be able to regulate emotions while communicating in challenging conversations and situations.
• Certified or certification in progress
Candidate must have current Montana Board of Behavioral Health certification or have certification application submitted and in progress to apply for this position. A copy of the completed application must be submitted with this job application.
• Be a Recovering Consumer
Must be engaged in ongoing recovery support, even if it changes over time
Willing and able to share your recovery story readily, incorporating new skills and changes in recovery as they occur.
• Basic Technology Proficiency
Ability to use computer and technology to communicate, enter data, maintain schedules, and navigate internet research
• High school diploma or equivalent

• Reliable daily transportation to work and to accomplish work tasks as necessary