POZ September 2023

POZ September 2023

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Aging With HIV

Long-term survivors share their journeys.

Mark S. King

Sharing a Life, a Diagnosis and a Future

Mark S. King covers every angle in My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor.

The Library Is Open

Check out these HIV-related reads, ranging from memoirs and essays to a children’s book.

illustration hand pass baton in race

AIDS Activists Pass the Baton

Events commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Denver Principles.

Editor’s Letter

Young at Heart

Aging with HIV is now a reality for most of us. This success story deserves a celebration.

POZ Planet

hands holding LGBT colored heart

U=U National Task Force Launches

LGBTQ group joins HIV organizations to promote the prevention message of Undetectable Equals Untransmittable.

Rachel Levine and SAGEServes executive director Darcy Connors

HIV Testing for People 65 and Older

Advocates urge removal of the upper age limit.

capitol building with STI flag

Implementing the First STI Plan

The federal government tackles sexually transmitted infections.

troopers hat with Alaska icon

HIV Discrimination in Alaska?

A man claims an offer to be a state trooper was rescinded because of his HIV status.

Combivir on a star graphic

Everyday – September 2023

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. To learn more about the history of HIV and AIDS, visit


Denver HIV advocates and activists, including Calvin Lavan Gibson (holding the mic)

The Denver Principles at 40

The Denver Principles were first articulated by a group of gay men with AIDS in Denver in 1983.


money in pill bottles

Fixing 340B

An edited excerpt of an opinion piece titled “What’s Needed to Fix a Vital Drug Discount Program"

Care & Treatment

illustration down arrows

New HIV Cases Decline, but Disparities Remain

The drop is attributable in part to increased use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV.

brain puzzle pieces illutration

Antiretrovirals and Brain Impairment

Even people with an undetectable viral load may still have persistent HIV in various reservoir sites, including the brain.

Three men laughing hugging birthday cake

People With HIV Can Have a Near-Normal Life Expectancy

An international team of researchers estimated life expectancy for more than 200,000 adults living with HIV in North America and Europe.

immune cells attack cancer cells

Cancer Immunotherapy for People With HIV

Treatments that help the immune system fight cancer have revolutionized cancer care.

Research Notes

gay male lovers in bed holding hands

Prevention: On-Demand PrEP

Findings suggest that daily oral PrEP or long-acting injectables might be better options for young men who have spontaneous sex.

hands holding phone showing calendar

Treatment: Durable Therapy

Today’s HIV treatment is more effective and durable.

needle in syringe

Cure: HIV Vaccine

A new type of vaccine might one day be part of a functional cure strategy.

illustration of a brain

Concerns: Meningitis

The most common symptoms of meningococcal meningitis are fever, headache and a stiff neck.


Herpes Virus

Oral and Genital Herpes

Herpes simplex can be treated with antivirals, but there is no vaccine or cure.


Jeff Berry

Stories of Resilience

After his HIV diagnosis, Jeff Berry quickly learned about the power of community thanks to the Test Positive Aware Network.


illustration of two men in bed with a heart

You and U=U

Take our survey and let POZ know your thoughts on U=U.

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