Here are the top treatment stories by pageviews this year:

1. Marijuana and its CD4 Receptors: A New HIV Treatment Strategy?
Posted: March 21

2. Interferon, High Blood Pressure May be Risk to Vision
Posted: August 22

3. Undetectable Viral Load? Not Necessarily in Semen
Posted: April 3

4. Former Pro Wrestler Gets 32 Years for HIV Nondisclosure
Posted: January 25

5. Pathway to a Cure: Cancer Drug Helps Purge HIV From Resting Cells
Posted: March 9

6. Pathway to a Cure: Positive Results Continue for Sangamo?s CCR5 Gene Therapy
Posted: March 9

7. Atripla, Sustiva Component Linked to Neuron Damage
Posted: September 28

8. New Studies Under Way of Sangamo’s Possible ’Functional Cure’ Gene Therapy
Posted: January 10

9. Revised U.S. Guidelines: HIV Treatment is Recommended for All People Living With HIV
Posted: March 28

10. Gilead Sciences, Task Force Agree to ADAP Price Discount for Stribild
Posted: September 6

11. Punitive Laws, Human Rights Abuses Threaten HIV Progress
Posted: July 9

12. Domestic Violence Doubles Risk of Death for HIV-Positive Women
Posted: July 31

13. Report Outlines HIV Cure Research, Important Gaps
Posted: April 25

14. Virus-Free Gene Therapy for HIV Shows Promise
Posted: July 5

15. HIV-Positive Men Should Test ?Free? Testosterone Levels
Posted: August 28

16. Tenofovir Increases Risk of Irreversible Kidney Disease
Posted: February 13

17. Gene-Modified T Cells Persist for a Decade, Without Major Risks, in HIV Studies
Posted: May 3

18. Generic-Based Regimen in U.S. Could Save Nearly $1 Billion in First Year of Use
Posted: August 14

19. Possible Cure in Protein That Starves HIV of Needed Building Blocks
Posted: February 27

20. Occasional Marijuana Smoking Does Not Impair Lung Function
Posted: January 12

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