J. Smart
38, Philadelphia, Diagnosed 1995
My perfect day: Going to the park with friends and having a little cookout, then playing cards or running with my dog.
But with HIV: I can’t do that as much as I’d like because I stay so tired. My friends sometimes  have to push me to get out there.

Harts-el Clifton Shirley
36, Atlanta,  Diagnosed 1988
My perfect day: A lot of eating and exercising!
But with HIV: The biggest change is my attitude. I’m just enjoying every day—like all that eating and exercising—because every day is good.

Richard Mark De Cicco
48, Fairhaven, MA; Diagnosed 1997
My perfect day: Taking the top off my Corvette and driving down to Provincetown.  
But with HIV: With less energy, I stilI walk and shop the day away in P-town—I just go slower. (But I still drive fast!)