Blogger, in case you’re cyber-slow, isn’t Euro slang for someone who screws around. It’s an abbreviation for “website logger”—someone who posts an Internet diary, inviting contributions from friends and gawkers alike. Most blogs are ruthlessly candid, and HIVers’ are no exception. So stop pilfering porn—and surf these sites:

HIVer Steve Schalchlin has been blogging daily ( since 1996, detailing his med side effects with a truly “sick” sense of humor. But Steve’s not all AIDS. Though he’s devoted many months to diarrhea, his blog includes pics of the people and places he’s graced, a human touch for those frightened by HIV.

Another blogger from the cyber stone age (eight years ago) is Bret Turner ( He’s from Kansas, and his lovably quirky entries capture the isolation of a Midwest positoid. Bret’s site boasts basic transmission facts and encourages queries. What’s more, he’s posted his personal diaries from the early ’80s, so that you get an idea of his life before HIV.

For sultry sexcapades, drop by, a rather horny little blog whose name immediately sets the mood. Geekslut is the ultimate read on the uninhibited sex life of an HIVer; the yin to Slut’s yang is Joe Perez ( A soulful blogger, Joe writes deeply about his faith. Don’t be scared, though—his personal ad reads: Virgo, cat-friendly and HIV positive.

Newer bloggers hang at, a browse-by-interest behemoth. Type in “HIV” and start sifting through everything from discussion groups to newly diagnosed HIVers, such as Pozgirl. Her description: “Just a girl. A positive girl.” She’s scared, but she’s sharing, and she’s blog-darn honest.