What will those uber-outre Europeans think of next? Austrian body painter Karl Macchamer has invented a liquid condom that can be painted directly onto the penis. A bottle of the latex costs $8 and coats an “average-size” penis three times. The only problem is keeping entertained during the seven minutes it takes to dry.

Why not spend it debating the merits of a new concept from Belgium: A small adhesive patch people can wear to indicate they are carrying rubbers. Sure beats taping condoms to your forehead.

And from the Czech Republic-with 300 documented HIV cases among 10 million inhabitants-comes from the world’s tiniest safe-sex guide. This one-inch-square, 10-page booklet from the National Institute of Public Health was distributed in discos, bars and HIV testing centers. The puny but popular mini-manual is going into a second printing after the first 250,000 copies were eagerly snatched up by teens.