Built to Survive, Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel (HOHM Press; $24.95)
This hasn’t been an all-star season for steroids. But treatment advocates Mooney and Vergel argue that with medical supervision, HIVers can use ’em to out-bat AIDS wasting and med side effects. This pumped-up fourth edition covers nutrition, hormonal therapies, exercise and anabolic steroids, and splices in personal stories. You’ll also master steroid side effects. (There are many, so consult your doc.) All told, a home run.

Living With HIV, Michael Carter (NAM; free on request)
A one-stop shop for HIV needs, from sex to diet to adherence—for newbies and vets alike. Concise pointers (from an HIVer treatment pro) mix with HIVer tales—such as Lorraine’s diagnosis after her husband contracted PCP and Ben’s big boon from Viagra. And all with a British accent! At www.aidsmap.com; NAM, Lincoln House, 1 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, UK; or; say you saw it in POZ—and get it free.