Jeff Hoover
Deputy Editor, POZ

Treatment Action Group
Often highly technical, but the cutting-edge info is
presented in a witty, and sometimes even arch, style that distinguishes it from other treatment newsletters.

Global Health Council
Health news from around the world. It assumes knowledge of basic international issues and skips Geography 101.

My guilty pleasure is college sports. ESPN has attitude and a healthy dose of, er, perspective about the relative importance of sports.

Andy Bagnall
Director, POZ Life Expo

CDC Surveillance Report
AIDS stats based on gender, ethnicity, age, city, even mode of transmission. Perfect for choosing Expo sites and how best to tailor them to local communities. But it took me 20 minutes and five tries to open a file in Stuffit Deluxe.

For the occasional traveler who hates to ask for directions. It helped me navigate the bayous of New Orleans and the deserts of Phoenix.

Damron Gay & Lesbian Travel Guides
The calendar and accommodations searches are free; other parts require a fee. But it can help you figure out if you’re staying in a hotel fit for a queen or a motel better off left to the roaches.