I have a sweet tooth beyond your wildest imagination, and as a once-obese person, I still battle my weight because of it. But if there’s one thing in the whole wide world that I could eat over and over again, it would be a Krispy Kreme doughnut. My favorite is creme-filled. It’s the texture, the freshness, the taste. They’re better than sex! Every time I pass by the place, I stop. (Fortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t have a sweet tooth—if he did, I’d be as big as a house again.) I usually get two creme-filled doughnuts, one original glazed and an ice-cold glass of milk. With a Krispy Kreme doughnut in my mouth, stress, anxiety and moodiness melt away. I’ve given up cigarettes, coffee and alcohol, so this is my one remaining vice. I know that when it comes to my health, they’re horrible for me, but indulgence is part of therapy and life, as long as there’s moderation.

  —Andrew (Mack) McGregor, Pompano Beach, Florida