OK, so I wasn’t a pack-a-day smoker, but the four or five daily butts I was puffing were starting to become a source of more anxiety than pleasure. Not only did I hate the terrible taste in my mouth, but even short bike rides left me wheezing. We all know how bad smoking is, and as an asymptomatic HIV positive guy, I’m doing my best to stay healthy. So, chucking the butts became a priority. But how? Nicorette gum seemed like a good way to quit. When I have a stressful moment or find myself in a smoky bar, I reach for a chew. The peppery taste and nicotine satisfy my craving, I have nice breath and peace of mind, and I can ride my bike for miles without huffing and puffing. Plus, I don’t feel like a walking ashtray.

--David Connors, New York City

Nicorette gum is $47.99 for a 2-mg starter pack; refills, $25.97