Directed by Ann Coppel

Ted Sod, the writer and star of this independent film, is not afraid to let the grubby hem of his Freudian slip show. He dares to bring a selfish PWA to the screen. In a deal with the devil to rid himself of HIV, Simon DeSoto, the unlikely protagonist, sells his soul and then goes—where else?—to Hollywood.

Though it sometimes resorts to easy sentiment, Crocodile Tears is at its best when it allows the stars to be as nasty as they wanna be. In his acting debut, syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage turns in a strong but vulnerable performance that may surprise his devoted readers. His soothing voice compliments Sod’s anxious whine as the pair try their best to live with the decisions they’ve made.

An antidote to the sugarplum visions of PWA’s chastely holding hands, this fresh retelling of the Faust legend offers dark humor and unpleasant truths. Catch it at its next award-winning turn on the gay and lesbian film-fest circuit.