AZT now has its own tune. San Francisco’s “dragapella” group The Kinsey Sicks has set irony-laden lyrics about HIV to the Jackson Five’s “ABC.” Medications have never sounded so good.

The Sicks self-titled debut holds 19 cuts of great singing mixed with wickedly evil satire of gay customs, Jewish neuroses and other cultural artifacts of the modern age. According to legend, the group came together when an agent spotted them in Andrews Sisters drag at a New Year’s Eve Bette Midler concert. No one was more surprised than they when they realized how great they sounded together. Ben Schatz—aka Rachel-—writes most of the songs when he’s not at his day job as executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

The CD is available at select retailers and can be ordered directly from The Kinsey Sicks: 584 Castro St. #387, San Francisco, CA 94114. Cost is $15, plus $2 “shipping and fondling.” (CA residents add $1.28 sales tax).