The CDC warns neggies not to deep-kiss HIVers because of a single 1997 case of transmission by bleeding gums. We asked some HIV negative friends in Atlanta to give tongue on the no-kiss alarm.

Poly Sourideth
Age: 43
Job: Mail carrier
Although I’ve never kissed a person with HIV, I would have no problem doing so. It has never been clear to me that you can get HIV merely by kissing someone.

Ace Strong
Age: 49
Job: Nurse
No, I have never kissed a person I’ve known is HIV positive and I would not. People keep talking about safe sex, but kissing is a part of sex.

Melissa Osborn
Age: 23
Job: Cook
I haven’t kissed anyone with HIV, and whether I would depends on the person. They taught us in high school that it would take a swimming pool of spit to do any damage.

Felicia Fredricks
Age: 22
Job: Student
I would feel very comfortable kissing a person with HIV. I do think people need to know there might be a risk, though.

Lisa Lee
Age: 32
Job: Mother
I have not kissed anyone with HIV, but I would. I think maybe the CDC can go overboard.

Michael Vanvalen
Age: 46
Job: Contractor
No, I have not kissed a person with HIV and I definitely would not. I’d rather be safe than sorry.