What do you think of the CDC’s anti-kissing recs?

Albert Scott, on disability, La Mesa, California: I think it is something that needed to be addressed, certainly for those with bleeding gums. It’s not going to stop me from open-mouth kissing, though -- I enjoy it too much.

Lillian Anglada, AIDS Service Provider, New York City: We, the infected, are in need of affection. Abstinence and no kisses are a little hard to deal with.

River Huston, POZ columnist, Bucks County, Pennsylvania: Yes, there is a risk -- if the person is bleeding from the mouth. And in that case, even if it were Brad Pitt, I would pass.

Describe your best kissing experience.

Thom Kirk, realtor, Washington, DC: I was at Cape Cod. The full moon was so big you could almost touch it. His name was Patrice, from Montreal, long wavy hair and succulent lips. We walked out on the breakwater, hand in hand. It was a truly magical night.

Lillian: I got married at 17, but my first real kiss came at 20. There was passion and heat, and I heard the song “Baby, I’m for Real” from The Originals -- that was our song.

Albert: My best kiss was with my old boss. I had been falling in love with him for months before he came out to me as “not so straight.”

Promise, student and HIV prevention worker, St. Louis: It was with my current boyfriend. We looked into each other’s eyes and our lips met. I could feel my hairs stand up.

And your worst kiss?

River: Unfortunately, it was my first tongue kiss. I was 13, playing Spin the Bottle, and all I remember is teeth, tongue and trying not to gag. I couldn’t believe people would voluntarily do such a thing.

Norfleet S. Person, on disability, Landover Hills, Maryland: I met a guy at a bar who I found very attractive. He must not have had much experience because he just opened his mouth and that was it. We went home together and had sex but the kiss never got better.

Lillian: The worst kiss was with a guy who had dentures. What an experience at 27! Forget the bleeding gums.