Looking to publicize his belief that HIV does not cause AIDS, Florida physician Robert Willner first injected himself with HIV-infected blood in Spain in 1993. Willner, author of the book Deadly Decption: The Proof That Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS believes that AIDS is caused by a variety of immunosupressive factors including several diseases and the use of recreational and prescription drugs. He says that most medically supervised AIDS deaths were actually caused by AZT and pledges, “I will repeat the process of sticking myself with the blood of an HIV positive person on television in every city of the world until this genocide stops.” Last fall—perhaps spurred by the popularity of the film Interview With The Vampire—Willner’s schedule of inoculations picked up, with appearances in New York City, Greensboro, North Carolina, Cleveland and Hollywood. According to The Washington Post, studies of injection drug users and health workers who accidentally stick themselves with an infected needle indicate that Willner has less than one-third of one percent chance of becoming HIV positive infected from each inoculation.