POZ February-March 1995

POZ February-March 1995

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Thom Collins

Dancer from the Dance

HIV positive for more than a decade, model/dancer/circuit party boy Thom Collins lives fast and plays faster.

Frank Israel

Building Blocks

“I fight this disease aggressively, and that shows up in my work.”

The Color of Money

AIDS fundraising is changing.

POZ Givers Guide

All these groups deserve your support, but before you give, you deserve to know how a group raises money and how it spends it.

Black Tie Lies

POZ investigates where your money goes after your tux comes off

Inside the Issue

(Some) Republicans Get AIDS

Lobbyists should try working with Republicans before writing them off

"Rosima," 1984

Through the Glass Darkly

Photographer David Seidner shoots first, asks questions later

Wilson Cruz

Wilson Cruz Grows Up

The actor playing gay 15-year-old Rickie Vasquez talks about his so-called life.

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KS Lesion

What kind of society pushes a confident man to cover his body with makeup and abandon sex?

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Tearing down the wall of ’otherness’

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POZ Legacy: Pedro Zamora

MTV’s Real World star told the truth about life, sex and AIDS

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In Their Own Good Times

Paper of record fills vacant AIDS beat

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ASOs demand expanded access for protease inhibitor

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POZ Legacy: David B. Feinberg

Novelist and POZ columnist David B. Feinberg died on November 2, 1994.

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POZ Legacy: Roxy Ventola

“Bitches with a mission” is how Roxy Ventola described herself and best friend and co-conspirator Mary Lucey.

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POZ Legacy: Tom Villard

Television and movie actor Tom Villard, profiled in POZ No. 5, died unexpectedly on November 14 in Los Angeles of AIDS.

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Cracking Up

Comedian Steve Moore confronts AIDS with laughter

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Blind to the Cost

Oral ganciclovir to prevent CMV

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Talk Show

Tamara Lindley Brown proves that looks deceive

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You’re a Sex Goddess

Stop dieting and learn to adore your body

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A Model of HIV Replication

Working Overtime


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