New York City officials are investigating reports that HIVer orphans became drug guinea pigs while in foster care at Manhattan’s Incarnation Children’s Center.

The Association of Women Prostitutes of Argentina, a 1,700-member conglomerate of condom-toting mamacitas, has appealed to become Latin America’s first official sex-worker union.

To inspire HIV openness, Malawi President Bakili Muluzi revealed in February that his brother had died of AIDS. Opposition presidential candidate Brown Mpinganjira later disclosed that he had lost six siblings to AIDS.

Romania—infamous for its early-’90s AIDS orphans—has finally offered citizens universal AIDS meds. But due to the lack of other essential drugs and adequate food, youngsters with HIV are still dying.

Taiwan has relaxed its rules barring travelers with HIV from entering the country—though such visitors may stay no longer than 14 days.

In India, 10 gay groups have formed Manas (Hindi for “thought”) —an HIV-awareness platform sponsored by the government of West Bengal.