North America
Canadian authorities finally nabbed a man who robbed 18 British Columbia stores by brandishing a syringe filled with blood he said was infected with HIV. Cops never substantiated his claim—and no one was harmed—but he disclosed his positive status to authorities upon arrest.

On November 13, Londoner Andrew Stimpson, 25, announced to two British newspapers that he had reverted from HIV positive to negative. Clinic records support his claim, but suggest his first test might have been a rare false positive.

The Caribbean
Jamaican AIDS activist Steve Harvey was found murdered November 30 after armed robbers broke into his home, demanded money and kidnapped him. Initial reports suggest that homophobia might have been a motive.

Leaving Dakar, Senegal, this February, American Victor Mooney will paddle a wooden boat 8,000 miles across the Atlantic to Brooklyn, New York. The HIV negative rower, who’ll travel solo, will put sponsorship monies toward AIDS prevention; he expects to arrive in eight months.

HIV went Bollywood in November, as Indian Idol contestants warbled an awareness anthem—penned by Lionel Richie and Richard Gere.