Think Short

Don’t crawl off your couch determined to run a marathon-you’ll get discouraged when you can’t run a mile after two tries. Gross prefers “I’ll be able to run a whole mile three months from now.” Work in increments, a step at a time, depending on your initial fitness level. (Your doctor or a trainer can help access how fit you are.)

Be Specific
First, focus on the one health goal-say improving cardio-vascular health by lowering blood pressure. Start with walking or biking at a nice steady pace, for 15 minutes three times a week. In two weeks, if you are doing well, raise the duration gradually, to 30 minutes.

Pick the right moves
If you want to lick lipo, for example, strength training is a good choice, it adds muscle throughout the body, balancing-and drawing attention from-wasted limbs or a protruding belly. And extra muscle can protect your bod when you get ill by subbing for essential fat loss to lipoatrophy.


Make a rountine
It’s like taking your meds: Set a regular, convenient exercise time and stick to it.

Do what you love
There’s no one perfect workout.  If you enjoy an activity-say ice skating-you can build a fitness regimen out of it. If you love it, you’re more likely to stick with it.