Morgan is a peer support leader and trainer for AIDS Foundation Houston. She’s also the proud mom of a daughter, 8, and will celebrate her first wedding anniversary in June.


AGE: 34


REGIMEN: nelfinavir/d4T/3TC, estrogen, atenolol (an anti-hypertension drug)

STATS: 400 CD4s; viral load: 4,000

WEEKLY WORKOUT: “After facilitating HIV support groups four days a week, I’m tired. Exercising in my own house is convenient. Besides, I don’t have to worry about other people seeing what I have on.” Three times a week, she also indulges in “hot tub relaxation with atmosphere music.” But Tuesdays and Thursdays, she gets down to work, with sit-ups, squats, bench-presses and brisk walking.

DIET: “I try to eat sensibly: salads, chicken, turkey and fish. I only eat red meat occasionally, because it’s hard on the digestive system. As far as vegetables, I love corn, string beans, cabbage and spinach. I do treat myself to desserts, and my husband’s good at surprising me with a Snickers bar.”

SUPPLEMENTS: Multivitamin, vitamin E and green tea

MOTIVATION: “I was always a slim-figured person -- I even did some modeling. But once I started taking meds, I got big all over. Now I’m getting back in shape. My daughter and husband both make sure I take my medications, eat healthy and exercise.”

REWARDS: “My husband thinks I look good. He’s always telling me that I am the love of his life, and just knowing that he cares so much for me makes me take better care of myself. Also, hearing my daughter say that she’s proud of her mommy and she wants to be just like her, ’a leader.’”

ADVICE: “Surround yourself with a network of supportive people, and they will be there for you during bad times and good.”