Magic Johnson’s recent refused entry into Indonesia for a basketball game because he is HIV positive prompted us to investigate other countries’ HIV entry policies. We found that while many countries do not bar those who are HIV positive from admission, many are now instituting HIV-related entry requirements. The following list of country requirements is based on information available as of October 1993 and is subject to change. Before traveling abroad, check with the embassy of the country to be visited to learn entry requirements and specifically whether AIDS testing is a requirement. If the list indicates U.S. test results are acceptable “under certain conditions” in a particular country, prospective travelers should inquire at the embassy of that country for details (i.e. which laboratories in the United States may perform tests and where to have results certified and authenticated) before departing the United States.

Antigua and Barbuda University students, intending immigrants, those wishing to work and those suspected of having the HIV virus Yes
Australia All applicants for permanent residence age 15 and over. All other applicants who require medical examinations are tested if it is indicated on clinical grounds. Yes*
Bahrain Foreign workers in certain job categories, i.e. hotel staff, hair dressers, etc. No, testing performed on arrival
Belize All applicants for residency permits. Yes*
Bolivia Applicants for residency. Yes, under certain conditions*
British Virgin Islands Anyone staying more than 6 months and applicants for work permits. Yes*
Bulgaria May be required gfor any foreigner staying longer than one month for purposes of study or work and all intending immigrants. No
China, People’s Republic Of Those staying more than six months. Yes, under certain conditions*
Colombia Anyone suspected of being HIV positive will not be admitted. No
Cuba All foreigners, excluding diplomats, staying 90 days or longer. No
Cyprus All foreigners working or studying. No
Dominican Republic Foreigners seeking residency. No
Egypt All foreigners staying more than 90 days. Yes, under certain conditions
El Salvador All applicants for permanent residency over 18 years. No
Estonia Foreigners seeking residency or work permits. Yes, under certain conditions*
Germany, Federal Republic of (Bavaria only) Applicants for residence permits staying over 180 days in Bavaria. No
Greece Students receiving Greek Government scholarships and performing artists working in Greece No
India All students over 18, anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 with a visa valid for one year or more and anyone extending a stay to a year or more, excluding accredited journalists and those working in foreign missions. No
Iraq Anyone staying over 5 days (failure to have the test done will result in a fine up to $1,600).
(To avoid $330 fee have test done in the U.S. before departing)
Yes, under certain conditions*
Korea Foreigners working as entertainers staying over 90 days and foreign athletes who are members of Korean teams. Yes
Kuwait Those planning to obtain residence permits. No
Lebanon Those planning to live or work. No*
Libya Those seeking residence permits, excluding official visitors. Yes
Lithuania Applicants for work or permanent residence permits. Yes, under certain conditions*
Malaysia Foreigners seeking work permits. Yes, under certain conditions*
Marshall Islands, Republic of the Temporary visitors staying more than 30 days and applicants for residence permits. Yes, under certain conditions*
Mauritius Foreigners planning to work or seek permanent residence. Yes, under certain conditions*
Mexico Applicants for permanent residence visas. Yes, under certain conditions*
Micronesia (Federated States of) Anyone staying over one year. Yes
Mongolia Students and anyone planning to stay longer than 3 months. Yes
Montserrat University students and applicants for work and residency. Yes, under certain conditions*
Oman Those newly-employed by private sector companies and upon renewal of work permit. No
Pakistan Those staying for over one year must certify that they are free of HIV. Yes, under certain conditions*
Papua New Guinea Anyone planning to work or seeking residency. Yes
Paraguay Applicants for temporary or permanent residence status. Yes, under certain conditions*
Phillipines Applicants for permanent residency visas. Yes
Russia Those staying 3 months or longer. Yes, under certain conditions*
Saudi Arabia Applicants for residency/work permits only. No
St. Kitts and Nevis Students, intending immigrants and those seekin employment. Yes, under certain conditions*
Singapore Workers who earn less than $345 per month. No
Syria Those seeing residency, planning to work or study, or marry a Syrian national in Syria. No
Taiwan Applicants for residence and work permits (may also be required for those extending visitor visas). Yes, under certain conditions*
United Arab Emirates Applicants for work or residence permits. No, testing performed on arrival
Ukraine Anyone staying longer than 3 months. Yes, under certain conditions*
United Kingdom Anyone staying more than 6 months and applicants for work permits. Yes*

*Check with embassy or representative office in Washington, D.C. for detailed requirements.