POZ April-May 1994

POZ April-May 1994

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"Everything just comes down to aesthetics." Ty Ross

Ty Ross Comes Clean

“Do you really want me naked?”

Inside the Issue

Update: Tom Keane

What’s a nice ACT UP activist doing at Stanford Law?


A pair of PBS specials puts AIDS in perspective

massage spa tretment items

Touch Me, Heal Me

Massage as a visible holistic solution 

What’s AIDS got to do with it?

Why did POZ pick me to write the sex column?

Sean Strub


Despair to hope. Fear to knowledge.

The HIV Beltway

AIDS PAC kicks off Washington lobby effort

POZ Magazine

GMHC Goes for a Ride

Ad campaign stirs NYC subway controversy

POZ Magazine

Things are Looking Up

Study shows bupropion may help treat sexual dysfunction

POZ Magazine

NIH Names Head of AIDS Research

William Paul succeeds Fauci

POZ Magazine

Voila! AIDS as Art

Barton Benes’ provocative ways

POZ Magazine

Philly, the Sequel?

What Hollywood will now do with AIDS

POZ Magazine

Living Proof

Carolyn Jones’ inspiring works in progress

POZ Magazine


Marisa Cardinale and Ellen LaPointe make it work

POZ Magazine

One Voice

Michael Callen’s power and grace

POZ Magazine

MAC to Pass PCP Soon

APLA reports on opportunistic infections

Zero Patience movie poster

What Next?

Zero Patience, first AIDS musical film, eats up New York

POZ Magazine

Randy Shilts Dies at 42

Best-selling AIDS author, reporter

POZ Magazine

Bob Hattoy, On The Record

We met in New York City’s East Village, one of the most AIDS-ravaged communities in the nation.

POZ Magazine


“A Night on the Town” and “A Walk on the Street”

POZ Magazine


How do I know the doctor knows?

POZ Magazine

Alternative Health

New York’s ADAP expands into vitamins

POZ Magazine

Holistic Turnaround

Fred Bingham dares convention and wins

POZ Magazine

The Sunshine Boys

Kevin and Kip: TV AIDS crusaders

POZ Magazine

The Arts

An argument for AIDS in the arts

POZ Magazine


Come out, come out wherever you are

POZ Magazine


Whatever happened to the New York Times and AIDS?

POZ Magazine

Revis On Top

Lamar Dwayne Revis stirs up D.C.

POZ Magazine

Eat It, Beat It

Nutritional AIDS video on the mark

POZ Magazine

HIV Testing Requirements for Entry Into Foreign Countries

Magic Johnson’s refused entry into Indonesia because he is HIV positive prompted us to investigate other countries’ HIV entry policies.

POZ Magazine

HIV Standard of Care

This HIV Standard of Care chart is reproduced from ACT UP/Philadelphia’s HIV Standard of Care published in May, 1993.

POZ Magazine

POZ Asks

Where are we with AIDS?

POZ Magazine

POZ, Day One

The human touch

POZ Magazine

Read This

From “A Wart On My Foot” by Severo Sarduy in the book LIFE SENTENCES: Writers, Artists, and AIDS (Mercury House/ San Francisco)


POZ April/May 1994

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