“Tragically, since practically everyone has had numerous personal and professional relationships shattered by AIDS, this century’s plague is shared by us all. If anyone claims not to have been affected, then I would wonder if that person is truly alive at this time.”
Sid Sheinberg
Co-founder, Hollywood Supports

“The magnitude of the support Hollywood gives to people with AIDS and HIV is only matched by the enormity of our loss. The only way we can combat this inhumane epidemic is by mustering every bit of humanity we have.”
Steve Tisch
Chairman of the Board, AIDS Project Los Angeles

“AIDS is everyone’s problem. It has affected every American and every industry, but because the entertainment industry is extremely high profile, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to lead by example. I hope that the work we do, the money we raise and our commitment to find a cure will encourage others to get involved in the fight.”
David Geffen
Board of Trustees, Hollywood Supports; Board of Governors, AIDS Project Los Angeles

“I feel the industry has done reasonably well. Members are not as charitable as I would want them to be, but they have contributed significantly to AIDS work. Hollywood Supports has been solidly influential in making the companies’ policies on HIV and AIDS tolerable.”
Barry Diller
Co-founder, Hollywood Supports; Board of Directors, AIDS Project Los Angeles

“And until science finds a cure -- and I honestly believe that day is coming -- the Hollywood community has the ability and the responsibility to shine the spotlight brightly on this plague and on the brave efforts to eradicate it.”
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Board of Directors, AIDS Project Los Angeles