1981: At a Fire Island party packing 15,000, author Larry Kramer and buds raise a grand total of $124 with their “Give to Gay Cancer” banner.

1985: The CDC announces that AIDS shows no signs of spreading to heteros and “is not easy to catch.” In a New York City courtroom, scientists testify that a second-grader with HIV should be barred from school.

1987: Pope John Paul II visits the U.S., meeting with 100 Catholic PWAs—and facing protests against the church’s anticondom and antigay edicts.

1989: ACT UP/New York protests the high price of AZT by halting business inside the New York Stock Exchange.

1992: Appointed by Bush (Sr.) to his AIDScommission, Magic Johnson quits, saying that the prez “utterly ignored” its recommendations and “dropped the ball” on AIDS.

1998: The Bay Area Reporter front page blares “NO OBITS!”—the San Fran gay weekly’s first without an AIDS death.