After two decades of pumping iron, this is Alexander’s fourth year on the competitive circuit. He’s now training for the Capital of Texas Bodybuilding Show in June.


AGE: 37

TESTED POZ: 1994. “I was planning to enter the Reserves, so I went for a physical. My positive result was very unexpected. I knew there was a chance, but I was still shocked.”

REGIMEN: nelfinavir/3TC/d4T, Bactrim, acyclovir. “I’m on my third protease -- all three with no side effects. Lucky me.”

STATS: 384 CD4s; less than 10,000 viral load

WEEKLY WORKOUT: “I spend anywhere from two to four hours in the gym a day. Weights I do in a five-day session and take Saturday and Sunday off.” He works his legs daily, his abs three times a week, and each body part -- shoulders, back, chest and arms -- once weekly. He also does cardio sessions three times a week on the ESX cross-trainer.

DIET: “During the season, I clean up my diet and eat extra protein. My precontest routine starts 13 weeks before a show and consists of lean sources of protein such as turkey and chicken breast (no skin), tuna and other fish, and egg whites. Plus rice, potatoes and yams for carbs.”

SUPPLEMENTS: Multivitamin, vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene. “I swear by L-glutamine to maintain my lean body mass.”

MOTIVATION: “As a kid, I collected comic books and always wanted to look like one of the superheroes.”

REWARDS: “The possibility that I can inspire others to obtain their dreams or goals, whether in bodybuilding or just taking control of their health and life.”

ADVICE: “Find a knowledgeable personal trainer who can guide you toward what works best for you. This is paramount in making your gym time productive.”