Pharmagiant Abbott’s 400 percent Norvir price hike was not only the top AIDSstory of 2004, as recognized in your magazine, but the topprescription-drug story, period [“A Bitter Pill,” January 2005]. Thisnaked grab for market shares symbolizes everything that’s wrong withthe pharmaceutical industry. Abbott has refused to budge, even in theface of unprecedented advocate and medical pressure, but the courts canstill challenge and confront it. The Prescription Access LitigationProject is involved in a California class-action suit against Abbott onbehalf of health-care insurers and union funds—which bear most of thehike’s costs. Recently, the court denied Abbott’s motion to dismiss,allowing our case to proceed. When drug companies hold patients hostageto their greed, we are all threatened, but consumers are continuing tofight the outrageous tactics.