The song that pushes you to the finish line. The rhythm that has you strutting down the street. The tune that helps you remember. The one that makes you forget. That’s the power of a well-written lyric, a moving solo or a peaceful melody. That’s the power of music. Whether you play and sing or just watch and listen, chances are you’ve already experienced the regenerative gifts of song—on both your mental and physical health. Music can lower your blood pressure, help you find peace or inspire you to get moving. It’s a creative outlet, a distraction and a simple pleasure. So, find your perfect beat, turn it up and drown out the stress of HIV.

Five Ways to Beat HIV Blues With Music 

1. Join the Band. Dust off the drums and invite friends over for a jam session. There’s no pressure to ever make it out of the garage—just have fun bonding over a shared interest, building a sense of community and rockin’ out.  

2. Be a spectator. 
You don’t have to play an instrument to be musical. Hit up free concerts in the park (classical, hip-hop, rock!), support your community theater, 
or treat yourself to a live blues or jazz show.

3. Create Rhapsody. 
Give the healing gift of music to others. Does your local hospital offer music therapy? Volunteer your time and talents. You’ll be doing what you love and will get joy by giving it.

4. Take a lesson or six. 
There’s that flier again: “Guitar lessons. Call…” Tempted? Go for it! Learning something new can be a healthy distraction—and a great way to get out, meet new people and get in tune with life.

5. Start a Mix CD of the Month Club. 
Invite friends over for wine and cheese-—and ask everyone to bring a mix CD. You’ll discover fresh tunes and new friends—all while building an impressive music library.