Hawaii’s legislature was the first state to pass a med-pot bill in April. Advocates expected Gov. Benjamin J. Cayetano, who introduced the measure, to sign it into law later this spring.

In May, the CDC’s Capacity-Building Assistance Targeting Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations project granted $9 million to 12 organizations that focus on HIV prevention in communities of color.

In the first HIV discrimination case brought before the country’s courts, South African Airways settled with a would-be flight attendant who was tested and turned away—without counseling—when his results came back as positive during a 1997 application screening.

Despite 28,000 Los Angelenos in need, a state audit in May confirmed that $22 million in annual federal funds (out of a total $53.2 mil) earmarked for HIVer housing remained unspent.

Namibia’s health minister, Libertina Amathila, said in May that government funding for HAART was “out of the question” and would not be included in the department’s budget, reported the Africa News Service.

Nine women with HIV who are married to Singapore residents were deported in May after authorities learned that they were positive. Ten others whose visas expire later this year are also expected to be given the boot, according to
the Associated Press.