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Defying Gravity

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It is people like Orbit that inspire me. I am an HIV positive male that lives in the rural south, so one could imagine what that is like for me. No ASO's here. Also, a cat is a living being created by GOD. A hard drive and lap top, and telephone probably help serve his clients. God's Word resides in your heart and if one needs a physical copy of His Word then it is readily available at a bookstore or ones local library. God is Love. Practice love and kindness.

November 27, 2011 Batesville


seems like your priorities are all screwed up. You place more value on a cat, a hard drive, lap top and telephone BEFORE GODS WORD? Such a shame!!

November 18, 2011 orange park

Patricia Shelton

I am very proud of my good friend, Orbit! He inspires me when I feel sorry for myself (was diagnosed in 1991).He's a great friend with a compassion heart & soul and is a role model for our community. There's so much I can say about my dear friend. I was smiling when you asked him about his house. His home is fabulous & his first thought is his beloved Cassondra, his "baby"! Bravo to Orbit for the outstanding work he does in the community. My friend is definitely a role model and Hero! Congrats.

October 19, 2011 Bronx


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