Novelist and POZ columnist David B. Feinberg died on November 2, 1994, without having ever experienced any of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ renowned gradations of loss. He didn’t even get as far as denial. His primary strategy for coping with AIDS was to make inappropriate jokes. When he died, he was writing a column for POZ entitled “Sex Up the Ass.” Considering that anyone who got within five feet of David’s ass at that point in his life would have been sprayed with diarrhea, this was typically hostile. David had a talent for making everyone feel as uncomfortable as he did. His three books, Eighty-Sixed, Spontaneous Combustion and Queer and Loathing are filled with his acid, delirious, silly, irresistible brand of humor. He will be remembered as an AIDS activist and a very inventive, charming and unrelenting flirt.