With round-the-clock protease pill popping now routine, the risks of doctors’ Rx errors, unexpected interactions and unexplained side effects have taken a quantum leap. So the new exposé Prescription for Disaster (Simon & Schuster), by investigative journalist Thomas Moore, makes compelling reading for every HIVer—whether you’re starting, stopping or staying on meds. Moore uncovers gaps in the drug-safety chain—from drug-company corner-cutting to FDA laxity to physician denial to patient inattentiveness—that may subject users to life-threatening harm. Besides calling for stricter drug regulation, Prescription for Disaster offers practical tips: Getting the info you need from your doctor and pharmacist, making a medications list and interpreting the gobbledygook on product inserts. Moore’s red flag is especially timely given a new Journal of the American Medical Association report estimating this country’s medicine-induced deaths at 140,000 a year.