The Chinese government announced a plan August 2 to dole out free condoms to HIVers via vending machines in colleges, bars and hotels.

The FDA gave an OK to Sculptra (New-Fill) August 3, the injectable facial-wasting treatment that plumps up facial lipoatrophy (“puppet cheeks”) for two years.

In July, Colorado shifted $3 million from a state tobacco settlement into its 315-HIVer ADAP wait list and drug formulary.


On August 8, authorities in Henan, China, beat and detained AIDS activists en route to a demo for better health-care access.

On August 4, the National Institutes of Health rejected a request from the consumer-advocate group Essential Inventions to quash Abbott’s Norvir patent and 400 percent price hike.

Utah capped its ADAP enrollment in July, joining 10 other strapped states and hiking the national ADAP wait list to 1,629.