University of Texas scientists have nabbed a nasty protein, alias CD63, which sneaks HIV into some white blood cells. The discovery may lead to infection-blocking therapies.

Brazilian health authorities doubled the condom supply for the country’s northeastern prisons during Carnival, equipping conjugal visitors to celebrate—safely.

New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg astounded activists by supporting needle exchange for IV-drug users (his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, nixed it).


A Georgetown University study found that only 92 of 170 doctors surveyed in the DC area would give pelvic exams, STD tests and contraceptives to teens without parental consent.

Approximately 41 percent of South Africa’s prison inmates are now HIV positive, a 750 percent surge since 1995.

Russia will begin excluding HIVers and men “of untraditional sexual orientation” from active military service starting next month.