Straight to Hell

"If the Christian Coalition followed its own logic, they’d be running ads urging straight women to change and become lesbians in order to avoid AIDS."

-- AIDS Action “Hotwire” on Christian Coalition ads urging gays to go straight to avoid contracting HIV, August 14, 1998

Get a LIFE

"At some point we must stop wallowing in the grief. We’ve just got to pick up and move on."

-- Former LIFE Institute cochair John Duran challenging readers to move beyond AIDS, Frontiers, August 21, 1998

Runaway Tranny

"Being black makes me very aware of the homophobia in my community ... . I am actually more likely to die from homophobic assault than from AIDS. AIDS prevention is in my control."

-- Op-Ed by transsexual activist Cei Bell, Philadelphia Daily News, September 8, 1998

Survivor Tilt

"Now that John is feeling better, he realizes that AIDS has destroyed his life. All of my patients who have spent as much time struggling to survive as he has are now allowing themselves to be a little angry."

-- AIDS specialist Howard Grossman, MD, in “Holding AIDS at Bay, Only to Face ’Lazarus Syndrome,’” New York Times, October 6, 1998

Diseased Pariah News

"Now that infected individuals are living longer and healthier lives, there is increasing danger that they will pass the virus on to others."