Once More With Feeling
POZ epitomizes all that is sordid, insipid, obscene, meretricious and disingenuous about nouveau riche ‘HIV’ consumer culture. The hysterical hyena laughter that shrieks from POZ’s puke pulp pages masks the screaming skulls that have died from ‘antiretroviral’ drug poisoning.”
—Alex Russell, Britain’s Continuum, Spring 1998

Revenge of the Nerds
“Monogamy is part of a pleasure-hating package being sold by aging gay leaders, now in their 50s and 60s, who through some ghastly process of natural selection managed to survive the plague precisely because they were so dysfunctional that they could never get laid…. The virus selected against men who were affectionate, progressive and fun-loving, and left us with these boring old prudes.”
—Author Edmund White, The Advocate, June 23

Name Dropper
“How low can a fag go to be ultimately nasty? How about submitting the name of someone who is alive and perfectly healthy to the AIDS Memorial Wall in Cawthra Park? It seems that’s what some bitter queen did this year to get back at someone.”
—Daniel Paquette, “Cocktail Confessions,” Canada’s Xtra!, July 2

Bad Sax
“As a taxpayer, if I am going to pay for needles, I’d like to see the [drug-users] doing something for the society. Come and clean the streets, wash the cars, you know, do something. Not that I’d want Robert Downey Jr. in my garage or anything like that.”
—Singer Kenny G, ABC’s Politically Incorrect, July 13