SeattleHIVer Eric Bray was aware that smoking and HIV are a combustible mix:Cigarettes speed the development of many cancers and infections. YetBray couldn’t quit. Once, after stopping, “I broke down and went to buya pack,” he says. “At the store, I saw a man in a wheelchair with anoxygen tank—buying cigs. ‘It’s a message from God,’ I thought. That wassix years ago—I haven’t smoked since.”

Should he be tempted,here’s an antidote: A study found that some 120,000 British men areimpotent from puffing and that smoking makes a gent 50% likelier todevelop erectile dysfunction when he hits middle age.

Also toconsider: Smoking makes you three times as likely to get wrinkles.Shriveled, stinky, can’t get it up—sounds sexy! A Britishgovernment-funded campaign encourages quitting with eye-popping imageslike the one above.

Your doc can help, too—with supportgroups, nicotine patches and scripts. Or call the American CancerSociety (800.ACS.2345) for aid in waiting to exhale.