Meds have kept me healthy, so I haven’t had much to complain about for the 13 years I’ve had HIV (thank the Lord). But worrying about everything else plus being positive wreaked havoc with my shut-eye. I tried pills, music, alcohol, herbal tea and incense. Nada. Then I stumbled into something that works: bubble bath infused with lavender and chamomile. (I saw it on TV for calming your “cranky baby.”) Here’s my scientifically self-tested method: I soak in a hot tub with fragrant suds till the water turns tepid—and my skin prune-like. I climb out of the tub and into bed and—lo and behold—fall right to sleep. No more tossing and turning, no more pills, and my sheets smell great, too! The brand I use is NO-AD—you can get it at any drug store for a mere $2.99. May it whip up sweet dreams for all my POZ family.

-Michelle Lundgren,
Fort Lauderdale, FL