USDA study listed 20 foods that pack, per serving, the most antioxidants—compounds that help defend your body from stress and disease. Ronald Prior, PhD, who led the study, says foods carry antioxidants in different chemical components, so eat a variety to get the most bang for your bowl. HIVers need extra antioxidants, and though diet alone can’t provide them all (see “Those Other Pills,” POZ, November 2004), these chow choices from the top 20—and a recipe serving up a slew of ’em—are a good start.

BERRIES (blue-, cran-, black-, rasp- and straw-) ranked berry high. Pick any for good health.
VEGETABLES Artichoke hearts and russet potatoes steamed their way into the top 20.
APPLES Red Delicious, Granny Smiths and Galas shone. How d’ya like them apples?
NUTS Pecans made the list; walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios finished just out of the winner’s circle.
BEANS be the best! Small red beans ranked No.1.; kidney, pinto and black beans followed. Choose dried beans, not canned.

Three-Bean Potato Salad
Dish up an antioxidant-laden treat to help your health. Sonia Grant, nutritionist at God’s Love We Deliver (, offers this recipe using some top 20 foods:

2 cups each (cooked): red kidney, garbanzo and green beans
3 cups russet potatoes (cooked and quartered)
1 cup whole cranberries
1 /4 cup each (chopped) green, red and yellow bell peppers
1 /4 cup sun-dried tomatoes (chopped)

1 /2 cup olive oil
2/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tsp oregano
1 /4 tsp each: sage (dried, chopped) and black pepper
1 clove roasted garlic (crushed)

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Add dressing. Chill for one hour before serving.
Makes 6 to 8 servings.